Black Women Are Dope, Periooooddd!!

Disclaimer: The dramatics used in the spelling of the word 'period' in my title is to emphasize the preceding words, 'Black Women Are Dope'. A period at the end of a sentence ends the thought. Nothing else needs to be added. The point has been made. In this case, 'perioooodd' is used because I need to convey to anyone reading this that this is a complete thought...end of the story. The added punctuation, the exclamation point was used to ensure that the folks sitting in the back side-eyeing are clear on the message here: BLACK WOMEN ARE DOPE! Quite honestly this truth is non-debatable and really not up for discussion.

Moving right along...

So this thing happened last Sunday (April 11) that has given me an entirely new perspective on friendships, sisterhood, and the indescribable, incomparable dopeness of Black women. Somebody had said we can't get along, you know that we're bitter, angry, and always cat-fighting and tearing each other down. Well, world, let me introduce you to 11 women who prior to last Sunday had NEVER EVER collectively hung out together: Chantel, Dereka, Holly, Jene'e, Keena, Latrice, Lovie, Robbie, Tanisha, Thena, and yours truly. We are comprised of mothers, wives, single ladies, divorcees, widows, entrepreneurs (multiple businesses), business-owners-to-be, college graduates AND college students, career professionals, retirees, and gifts and talents that you would not believe, all with different backgrounds, journeys, and testimonies. Now, of course, we all share a plethora of similarities, but the most common denominator is FIERCE. FABULOUS. PHENOMENAL. BLACK. WOMAN.

This above-mentioned group of ladies decided to disengage the "angry Black woman" trope and/or our own personal inhibitions of establishing new friendships. And as a result, we had a sho-nuff girly good time and more importantly a new sisterhood was formed. In the words of Dereka, our Self-Care Sunday began with #SHEnanigans at the amazing Womanish Experience - five floors of fabulousness! Baby, you would have thought we were teenagers hanging out at the mall. We took group photos, selfies, laughed out loud loudly, and perhaps, maybe, a couple of us took some photos in a shopping cart. Whaaaat?? But, I digress. Okay, it was me, I, a self-proclaimed fluffy gal got inside of a yellow shopping cart with the help of my good girlfriends and then posed for the camera. Embarrassing? For most probably but you know real divas don't get embarrassed. We are camera-ready, even inside of a shopping cart. You just had to be there! (Sidenote: Tony and Mia are the B-I-Z-N-E-S-S. These two took our experience to another level of fun. Y'all are the best. Thank you!)

After discovering at the #womanishexperience that #wearewomanish AND truly just the "ish" period, we headed over to my favorite Thai restaurant, ThiThi's for a private dining experience. This is where the stupendous sisterhood was created and the Black girl magic and dopeness was personified. Y'all, the bond, the tears, the testimonies, the dreams that we all shared in this dining pod was nothing short of extraordinary. I knew I wanted the dining experience to be the ultimate culmination of this celebration of Black women, eh'em because that's what I do as the owner of Divine Dine Food Tours. I solicited the assistance of my OBG, that is, my oldest baby girl and one of her good girlfriends (who is now my assistant) to help me pull off a surprise for my new and old sistah-friends. Upon the ladies' entry, we played what I believe should be every woman's anthem/song, It's My Time by Kelly Price. They were each given a gift bag filled with a few treats from yours truly and also some pearls from Thena, one of my sisters from another mister. A red rosed was placed at each of their place settings. Empowered women empower women. Did you get that? (Sidenote: Thi Thi, the owner is the Martini Master - best in the city! She is one of the most gracious and humble restaurateurs that I know. And, Fabiola aka Fabiola, our dining specialist, was outstanding. Baby, the way she balanced those martinis for us - it was a sight to see! She's the MVP, for real for real!)

Why am I sharing this? Not to get applause or to hear 'awwww, Kim you're so sweet'...nope not at all. Women, Black women really get a bad wrap - not being able to co-exist for extended periods of time without drama or destruction. I say, foul, foul, foul. This is FAKE NEWS and needs to be exposed and I'm the one to do it. Listen, me and this here sistah-circle kicked it ALL DAY from 2pm - 10pm...EIGHT HOURS, no drama, no side-eyes, no side-bar conversations, no judgment. All high-fives, hugs and heeeeyyyy girl you got this!!

My sistah-friends are living, breathing, walking, talking proof that when Black women unite, magical things happen. We exemplify what it looks like to celebrate each other even when most of us were complete strangers. Why? Because dope recognizes dope. This day of #womanish #SHEnanigans was extremely special and impactful for me particularly because I was that woman who felt like I didn't need new friends and that I was just fine with the ones I already had. Shame on me? No, not really, past hurt from folks you trust can be a hard thing to let go of. You become guarded and jaded. This mindset can stifle your growth and limit opportunities, in some cases, right? This magnificent group of women was birthed because I let go of these crippling thoughts regarding friendships with women specifically. This magical moment happened simply because Latrice and I had an instant connection during a business meeting and the rest is herstory.

The energy, the authenticity, the whole entire vibe that I experienced on Sunday, April 9, 2021 inspired me tremendously. I was encouraged and enlightened so much that I finally stopped procrastinating with one of the goals from one of my businesses.

Bottomline, I really want to convey this message: Be open to new friendships. You'll never know what great people and things you're missing out on. I did and I've gained new sisters for life!

Check out more of our Womanish SHEnanigans on a #SundayFunday. #PressPlay


Cheers and Chow for Now! Muah!

Your favorite bloggin’ gyal,


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LOL!! I told y'all I got in the cart!

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